Understanding Grout

Understanding Grout

There is so much to think about when purchasing materials for your tile installation. Even if you've hired an installer, the correct information about what grout to buy rarely gets communicated. Sanded or non-sanded? What brand? High performance or not? Seattle Tile founders Denee and Tom Foti have amassed 30+ years of grout knowledge and installation experience, and they’ve taught by example what considerations ensure the right grout for your installation.

Each day, we get questions on proper use, type of grout, cleaning, replacement, and sealing. Every situation is different, and there’s no easy way to pass all that knowledge on without breaking it down a bit. So, here we are; this post is the beginning of a modest attempt to answer the question, “What’s the best grout for my installation?” We’ll cover the three different types of grout we recommend; standard Portland cement grout, urethane high performance grout, and epoxy grout. Remember to always check with your installer before going down this road. They may be providing the grout or already know what they’d like you to purchase for them.

Grout brands recommended above-

Tec Accucolor- sanded and non-sanded Portland cement grout

Laticrete Permacolor or Permacolor Select- hybrid Portland cement grout

Bostik QuartzLock2- urethane high performance grout

Laticrete Spectralock- epoxy high performance grout

These are not the only brands we trust, simply the ones we order and work with most. Feel free to ask us our opinions on a specific brand or product; we'll be happy to share what we know.

Seattle Tile Company Team, 2018

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