Got a project that you don't want to break the bank? Maybe one of these will fit your needs. All sales final. Call to confirm stock before arriving.

6x6 Porcelain Pattern Tiles

jeffrey court pattern tile europa arte acquerello

Regular price: $23.98/sf

SALE price: $18/sf

1.5" Porcelain Hexagon Matte Blue Mosaics

Matte blue 1.5" hexagon tile mosaic sale Seattle Tile

Regular price: $17.24/sheet

SALE price: $10/sheet

5/8" Square Glass Mosaic in 'Grigio'

5/8" square glass mosaic statements tile remnant sale seattle tile

SALE price: $10/sheet

4" Porcelain Octagons Handmade in 'Serenity' Glaze

serenity mcintyre tile handmade in 4" octagon deal remnant seattle tile

Regular price: $45/sf+freight

SALE price: $20/sf

1" Glossy Glass Mosaic in 'Dusk'

dusk american olean tile seattle tile deal sale

Regular price: $16.26/sf

SALE price: $10/sf

'Ebano' Matte 1x1 Recycled Glass Mosaic

wood look glass mosaic recycled square 1x1

Regular price: $16.46/sheet

SALE price: $11/sheet

'Carrara Pure' Polished 9" Chevron Mosaic A&B

carrara pure marvel stone chevron mosaic polished

Regular price: $44.50/sf

SALE price: $22.25/sf

Buy all available 6.6sf together

12x24 'Basaltina' Grey Polished Porcelain

basaltina sale tile grey polished porcelain 12x24 rectangle seattle tile remnants

Regular price: $9.10/sf

SALE price: $5.00/sf

112 SF available

4x16 Linear Design Ceramic Tile in 'Latte'

latte jeffrey court europa arte 4x16 ripple tile pennello

Regular price: $18.84/sf

SALE price: $11/sf

2x2 'Black' Porcelain Mosaic 68MOD

2x2 mosaic square porcelain black

Regular price: $21.50/sheet

SALE price: $15/sheet

12x12 Gauged Slate Tiles

gauged slate tile sale seattle tile remnant

SALE price: $2/piece

11 pieces available

1x2 Glossy 'Pond' Mosaic

pond mosaic cepac glossy brick set seattle tile remnant sale

SALE price: $20/sheet

White Gloss Cube Mosaic

emser white gloss shapes cube mosaic seattle tile remnant sale

Regular price: $12.33/sf

SALE price: $9/sf

4 sheets available

'Redondo Beach' Glass Brick Mosaic

redondo beach glass mosaic

Regular price: $25/sheet

SALE price: $5/sheet

Glass and Stone Elongated Hex Mosaic

ehex mosaic glass stone sale deal

Regular price: $27.20/sheet

SALE price: $8/sheet

2 sheets available

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