Bloopers, mis-orders and what-have-you... any way get a screaming deal! All products subject to confirmation of availability, only for purchase in person.


Vidrepur 1"x1"
Recycled glass mosaic black and white quilt
1 sheet covers 1.075sf
SRP $13.80 per sheet
SALE $11.50 per sheet
12 SH available


Dal Keystones 1"x1"
Porcelain mosaic 12"x24" sheet
SRP $6.62 per SF
SALE $2.50 per SF
sold in 2 SF increments
104 SF available


Irregular brick slate mosaic
1 sheet= .986 sf
SRP $18.92 per SH
SALE $14 per SH
85 SH available


Earthy blend flat pebble mosaic
SRP $20.18 per SF
SALE $15 per SF
38 SF available