"Having been essentially ignored by a much larger "chain" flooring company recommended by my realtor (NOPE: not Home Depot or Lowe's), I asked my home handyman to recommend somewhere I could get real "service" and he said Seattle Tile Company (well - he said a place in Ballard on 15th NW about 77th). I went there this morning and Loni was there to help me --- she really listened to what I thought I wanted for replacing 35 year old broken tiles in the foyer of my home with new ones. I'm going to be selling my house, so didn't want to choose Taj Mahal priced tiles, so we picked out 3 contrasting styles, I took them home and set them in the space, and (voila!) liked the least expensive choice. I feel very satisfied, and it's mostly because of the skills that Loni displayed ... listening, pulling out choices, realizing this was not about luxury for me, but about replacing broken old 7" tiles and caring about the way the house will look as I sell it. Bravo!"

-Susan M.

"Stellar, stellar, stellar store. Yes, they have a great selection. Yes, they have excellent customer service. Yes, they will help you with design ideas. But their secret weapon is Sarabeth Burr. Sarabeth is an incredibly talented, patient, gracious and fun designer. She will be the favorite part of your renovation journey. I guarantee it."

-Elle P.  on Yelp

"I speak from the heart. I call a spade a spade and you all needed to know how exceptional you are."

-Patty B.

"My parents were up from Portland for a visit and were in the process of remodeling a home in Oregon. They stopped in for a look as they were on a seemingly futile hunt for the right back s plash. Arfrter seeing the granite sample Denee brought out the perfect glass tile. Within 10 minutes the perfect tile was discovered, ordered and my parents were thrilled! We had also received great advice when we remodeled our kitchen 7 years ago. This is a very professional team at Seattle Tile! Thanks!"

-Jennifer K. on Yelp