Blowout Remnant SALE

Take at least 50% off most in-stock remnant tile

We've collected small amounts of "remnant tile" over the years- anything from one or two sheets of something to multiple boxes. They're from orders we goofed on or received the wrong thing. We're holding a blowout sale to clean house, which means you could put together entire spaces with perfectly good tile at a fraction of the regular price! Come visit us or take a look at some featured offers here. Contact us if you see something you have questions on.

2-1/2x8 "Baked Clay" Painted Bricks

baked clay painted brick tile

Now: $7/square foot

Regularly: $18.66/square foot

1" White Gloss Penny Round Mosaic

sale penny round white gloss

Now: $5/square foot

Regularly: $20.44/square foot

"Pearl" Trapezoid Mosaic

pearl trapezoid porcelain mosaic crackle

Now: $10/square foot

Regularly: $23.10/square foot

Black Slate Stick Mosaic

slate stick mosaic

Now: $9/sheet

Regularly: $18.92/sheet

"Almond" Porcelain 6" Hexagons

almond hexagon porcelain

Now: $1/piece

Regularly: $2.56/piece

"Metallic Gray" Herringbone and Brick Mosaics

herringbone metallic gray mosaic staggered tile

Now: $15/square foot

Regularly: $36.40/square foot

"Terre Beige" Recycled Glass 1" Hexagon Mosaic

terre beige hexagon mosaic pattern small

Now: $7.50/sheet

Regularly: $15/sheet

"Cove" Square 9/16" Mosaic

cove square glaze mosaic

Now: $12/square foot

Regularly: $27.84/square foot

Black "Quilt" Recycled Glass 1x1 Mosaic

quilt vidrepur black and white mosaic tile

Now: $6/sheet

Regularly: $13.80/sheet

"Indian Red" 3x3 Porcelain Mosaic

indian red continental slate tile mosaic

Now: $5/square foot

Regularly: $14.08/square foot

"Peridot" Porcelain Penny Round Mosaic

peridot penny round mosaic porcelain

Now: $12/square foot

Regularly: $27/square foot

"Celadon" 4x4 Porcelain Handmade Tiles

celadon 4x4 porcelain handmade

Now: $10/square foot

Regularly: $26.44/square foot

"Snow White" and "Oxygen" 2x6 Matte Glass

2x6 matte glass tile

Now: $8/square foot

Regularly: $34.25/square foot

Flat and In-Bevel 4"x2-1/2" Elongated Hex Mosaics

ehex ceramic wall tile

Now: $5/square foot

Regularly: $18/square foot

2" Matte White Porcelain Hexagon Mosaic

2" matte white hexagon tile mosaic

Now: $7/square foot

Regularly: $13.68/square foot

"Antracite" 2x2 Porcelain Mosaic

2x2 porcelain mosaic antracite

Now: $11/square foot

Regularly: $21.58/square foot

2" Matte Carrara Marble Hexagon Mosaic

marble carrara hexagon matte 2"

Now: $2/sheet

Regularly: $20/sheet

5" Polished Marble-Look Porcelain Hexagon Mosaic

polished porcelain calacatta look hexagon

Now: $10/sheet (1 sheet=.67sf)

Regularly: $26/sheet

Natural Stone Pebble Mosaics

pebble mosaic natural stone

Left Now: $7/square foot

Regularly: $21.18/square foot

Right Now: $4/sheet

Regularly: $20/sheet

13x13 "Beige" Porcelain Stone-Look

13x13 porcelain stone look tile

Now: $1.50/square foot

Regularly: $3.58/square foot

"Noir Linen" 2x2 Porcelain Mosaic

Now: $7/square foot

Regularly: $10.88/square foot

"Redondo Beach" Glass Brick Mosaic

redondo beach glass mosaic

Now: $13/sheet

Regularly: $25/sheet

"Linen" 3x16 Handmade-Look Subway Tile

3x16 linen subway elongated

Now: $6/square foot

Regularly: $11.98/square foot

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