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Seattle Tile & Design offers a curated selection of premium tiles, catering to homeowners, contractors, architects and designers. Our extensive range includes tiles for every style and budget, complemented by expert advice and personalized service. Whether you're renovating a kitchen, bathroom, or commercial space, Seattle Tile & Design can help you find the perfect tile for your project. Let us help you discover endless possibilities and transform your space with confidence.

Locally Stocked Products

Searching for locally stocked material in the Seattle area? These products have a higher likelihood of being available for in town pickup within the next few business days. Many products have further stock information in their descriptions including sizes and colors normally stocked in town. Find something you like then request a stock check via email or phone.

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Need help visualizing your project? 

Or a road map for the tile setter?

We offer concept drawings & color renderings for a fee.

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