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Intellectual Property

All content and photographs on the Site are the property of Seattle Tile Company Inc or its licensors and are protected by U.S. intellectual property laws. The content and photographs are made available to you so you can shop and purchase tile from us; all other uses are prohibited. We may display trademarks, logos, or trade names of Seattle Tile Company Inc. or third parties (“Trademarks”). Your use of the Site.com does not grant you a license to use these Trademarks for any reason other than to shop and purchase tile from the Site.

If you are a commercial user of the Site (i.e. tile designer or contractor), your homeowner/customer is not a party to these Terms and Conditions and has no rights under these Terms and Conditions.

No Endorsement

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If you make a purchase from the Site, you will required to pay by credit card. You and the individual using the Site on your behalf, represent and warrant that the credit card information provided is complete and accurate and that you have the lawful authority to provide this credit card information to the Site’s credit card processor.

Refund Policy

Seattle Tile Company Inc. does not accept returns, since everything is custom ordered specifically for you. All sales are final. Any exceptions are on a case by case basis and subject to the discretion of the distributor and not seattletile.com.

Material Disclaimer

Variations in color, shade, and markings are inherent in clay, stone and glass products. Any question of acceptability of the product must be resolved BEFORE installation. We are not responsible for determining the appropriate usage of the material purchased. You are responsible to inspect material upon pick up. Do not accept material you believe to be incorrect and/or damaged. Any damage or incorrect material should be reported to seattletiledirect.com within 2 days. It is your responsibility to determine the quantity and types of tile to order. We will not accept overages or be responsible for shortages.

Shade Variation

Due to variations in digital displays, the tile appearance (including color, texture, and size) shown on this website may vary computer to computer and from screen to reality. Photos are for representational purposes only. In addition, tiles are manufactured in batches called "lots". These lots may vary slightly in color/size/texture, etc. The same lot may not be available when placing add-on orders. We encourage you to see samples from a current lot before purchasing.

Before installation has begun, we suggest that your tile setter lay out pieces from multiple boxes, arrange to achieve desired effect, and receive written approval from the homeowner/customer. This is especially important for natural stones and natural stone looks.

Full Boxes

All "field tile" from the Site is sold in full-carton containers. This is to ensure proper packaging and to cut down on breakage during handling. It reduces wait time when picking up directly at our vendor warehouses and decreases the chance of error when pulling the appropriate quantity. It is not possible to divide full boxes, and no returns will be accepted of overage resulting from required full box purchases. The rest of the products on the Site are by the piece. This means that most mosaics are sold by the single sheet, but not all sheets are equal to 1 square foot. Divide desired number of square feet by coverage of a sheet to get your number of pieces. Please consult your installer for final quantities. We do not provide quantity calculation services.

Processing Times

We will process orders, follow up on stock check requests, and respond to our customer's questions Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM PST in the order received. Allow at least 2 business days for us to get back to you about any inquiry made.

Once an order is placed, allow 2-3 business days for our vendors to receive, process, and respond regarding shipping times and/or pickup etas. Read more below.

Pickups and Lead Times

We will arrange for direct pickup of materials at a Seattle area vendor. The items may be transferred in from out of town. It is always your responsibility to check over materials for accuracy, but pay special attention to the color, the quantity, even the size, as our vendors have busy warehouses and details can be overlooked. If you can catch a mistake in-warehouse, that saves you and our vendors a lot of time. We will be present to help inspect your order.

No expedited orders are available through the Site. If you need your order faster than 3 weeks, contact us first to request a stock check.

Our vendors provide an estimated lead time which will be shared with the customer on request, but this is never a guaranteed time frame. Delays in transit occur frequently that are not within control.

Handmade Disclaimer

The Site sells products made to look and perform like handmade tiles. The characteristics of handmade tile may include more irregular edges, watery glazes, crackle finish, and variation in color from tile to tile. These are intentional and are considered qualities of the handmade look. As is true with all manufactured products, they are produced in batches called "lots" and may not be the same from one order to the next. Take care to order enough material as a second batch may not match the first.

Natural Stone Disclaimer

Natural stones include marble, travertine, slate, limestone, etc., and have been used in construction and decor since the beginning of humanity. They are prized for their organic veins, marks, texture, sheen, etc. Because they are mined directly from the earth, be aware that the products you receive will not be exactly the same from piece to piece. Each material will have different degrees of this variation. Some will be so minute that you cannot see it and others can be so drastic that they may not even look like the same material. These materials are porous to varying degrees, and while some are highly resistant to staining and scratching they are all subject to both. Sealing and cleaning with the proper materials are necessary to maintaining the integrity of natural stone.


We make no guarantee or warranty, express or implied, as to the currency, accuracy, or quality of information published and/or archived on the Site. We make no express or implied warranties and disclaims all express and implied; there are no warranties which extend beyond the description in these terms and conditions; We disclaim the implied warranty of merchant ability and the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

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Manufacture Warranties

Certain tile manufactures may make manufacture warranties to you or your homeowner/customer. These will be provided to upon delivery of your order. We are not a party to these warranties. You and your homeowner/customer are responsible for completing any documents necessary to obtain these warranties.


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Governing Law/Disputes/Limitation of Liability

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