Order too much tile or not 100% satisfied with your purchase? Already have a box stored for the "just in case" scenarios (plumbing issues, breakage) and want some money back on the leftovers? We know how difficult it is to accurately account for how much material you'll need. Jobs will often wrap up with multiple boxes of unused tile. There is a possibility our vendors will allow you to make a return; read on for restrictions.

Each of our vendors has different rules for returns, but usually it's within 30 days of the date the material left their warehouse and must be in full UNOPENED boxes. There will be restock fees (20-30% is common) and a minimum dollar amount might apply ($35-$55 is common). You will need to return the materials to the vendor warehouse. Material that had to transfer in from out of town cannot be returned. Once it leaves the origin warehouse it is as good as yours. Directly-shipped material cannot be returned. Seattle Tile itself does not charge any processing fees, but you will need to contact us to get Return Authorization approval.

Email or use our contact form to request a return. Please read the following carefully and include applicable information:

A. Your order number.

B. The amount of FULL BOXES in their original condition (no partial or opened boxes accepted) or single sheets/pieces of tile you wish to return.

C. The reason for your return.

D. Your name and the name associated with the order.

We will contact our vendor(s) for a Return Authorization. Please remember they may deny your request for any reason. We will do our best to explain the circumstances behind a request's refusal.

Thank you for shopping