A Quick Price Comparison

Written by Alaina Stocker


Posted on November 01 2019

What About Us?

How do we stack up? Companies like Home Depot and Wayfair have built reputations of low prices. They're not necessarily the easiest places to get inspiration, but they've been the only real options for discounted tile. The idea behind Seattle Tile Direct was to offer a local option of these large companies. We source the most popular products in the area, then give you the best deal on it. How can we offer such discounts? You skip the Seattle Tile showroom, order online, and pick up at the vendors. Easy as that.

We did a bit of digging to be sure we weren't competing with the giants for no reason, and realized that this small business can, in fact, win when it comes to quality products AND the best prices. Plus, we even show many products that aren't available anywhere else online. To sum up if you don't wish to read on: you can have it all, Seattle.

Want proof? Here's some case studies.

Daltile Ayers Rock in Rustic Remnant AY05 13x13
Seattle Tile Direct: $5.53 / sq. ft.
Home Depot: $5.85 / sq. ft.
tilesdirect.net: $6.13 / sq. ft.


Emser's Volare Mosaic
Seattle Tile Direct: $13.32 / sheet
Home Depot: $15.78 / sheet
GB Tile Collections: $13.82 / sheet


Pental's Boston 3x12 Wall Tile
Seattle Tile Direct: $8.96 / sq. ft.
Not available anywhere else online!


Seattle Tile Direct: $3.52 / sq. ft.
Wayfair: $7.39 / sq. ft.
Regal Floor Coverings: $4.85 / sq. ft.
Tierra Sol's Mestizaje Crayon Tiles
Seattle Tile Direct: $13.82 / sq. ft.
Not available anywhere else online!


You get the point: we're competitive with the big guys! We are making our way into the toolboxes of savvy Seattle homeowners. Want to hear how the process works from a team member? We're happy to live chat via the website (available when the "Live Chat" bar is visible in the bottom right) or over email. Plus, check out our FAQs. Happy tiling!

The Seattle Tile Direct Team



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