Our Design Process

First we listen. Really learning what the client wants to accomplish is where it all begins. We aren't just about selling you the latest trends or taking your order. We love design! We love pulling together tile projects that fit you and your space, aesthetically and functionally. Sometimes all we have to go on is some basic scribbles and measurements or maybe a floor plan and a photo. Bring whatever you have to get started, even if it is just an inspiration picture. We can help you visualize the finished space and give your contractor a road map to get there.

The Basics

Concept Drawing with Scaled Layout

A concept sketch along with a layout plan for the floor

Layout Plan

Waste factors can vary widely based on the tile size and the space being covered.
Having a layout plans helps with ordering the right amount

Pattern Design

Help customizing your floor.
What a fun and sophisticated pattern we created for the client!

Color Renderings

Create a unique and personalized artistic statement at your entry using diamond shaped tiles. Design options are limitless,
let us help you narrow it down.

Decisions, decisions. A modern kitchen story.

Light Grey Lattice Weave with Gray Grout

We were given this picture along with measurements for this project mid-construction. The client wanted help visualizing different color options and shapes for their backsplash. Heather came through with multiple tile and grout options that helped the client make a final decision.

Elongated Black Hex with Gold Grout

The Winner!

Dark Grey Lattice Weave with Gray Grout

The final photo!
It turned out beautiful and we are so happy to help someone put together their dream kitchen. And we're jealous of the great lights the client found!

Cocoa 2x9 set vertically with darker grout

Dramatic Craftsman Backsplash

Danube 4x4 and 2x4
with quail, toads, rabbits and bears!

This one started with just measurements and a client who had a good idea of what she wanted.  Sarabeth quickly laid down a plan and the color was selected.  The deep moody Danube glaze from McIntyre Tile was perfect.  Across the room is a beautiful fireplace with the same glaze color.

Tiling all around a window looks wonderful

What a fun side bar.  Returning the tile on each side protects the walls from unexpected splashes.

This fireplace with the colors Danube, Mica and Albion is a nice counterpoint to the kitchen.

Midcentury revival means color!

Orange & Black Beehive Roadmap

Contractors appreciate details. Not only does it help everyone visualize the space, it ensures the tile goes in the right room and on the right surface.

Orange & Black Beehive Color Rendering

Serious but fun! Sarabeth has a great eye for putting great color combinations together.

Starburst Bath Roadmap

Black & white concept sketch might be all you need. The next step would be a color rendering. 

Starburst Bath Color Rendering

Not everyone needs a color rendering but it can be very helpful. Sarabeth captured the tile selections perfectly.