Welcome to seattletile.com! We are happy to display a partial selection of tiles we carry in our showroom. On this site, you can see available sizes and colors, and check prices. Most of these tiles can be purchased online - all from the comfort of your own computer. A curated selection of our more distinctive tiles are ordered through the showroom only. Pick up your order from local warehouses, or get a quote to ship to you or the jobsite.

Helpful Links

Calculating quantities

Tile quantities are usually fairly simple to calculate. Just grab your tape measure and calculator, and some simple math will get you there. It's always best for someone who has been in the physical space to take care of quantities.

Picking Tile: Where to Start

How do you go about picking the right tile? Well, you have somehow come across a blog post advising you where to start, so you're certainly doing something right. Choosing tile can be overwhelming: allow us to give you an introduction.

Sample Information

Viewing samples of tile in person and in the space is important, and we want to make sure you have those resources. Stop by the showroom for samples, usually in stock or they can be ordered in.