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Size: 1x3 Herringbone Mosaic Gloss

Color: Arctic Gloss 0190

Arctic Gloss 0190
Biscuit Gloss K175
Desert Gray Gloss X114
Black Gloss K111
Architectural Gray Gloss 0109
Arctic Matte 0790
Biscuit Matte K775
Desert Gray Matte X714
Black Matte K711
Architectural Gray Matte 0709
Sku: 0.6

Total Price: $ 5.27

The Color Wheel collection from Daltile encompases basic ceramic wall tile in many sizes and now features coordinating mosaic options. Formerly known as separate collections Rittenhouse Square, Modern Dimensions, Semi-gloss, and Matte, they are all now under the same umbrella.

For wall tile selections, see Color Wheel Classic for standard 3x6 and squares, and Color Wheel Linear for other rectangular sizes.

Many mosaic sizes are stocked at Daltile in Georgetown, Seattle. Request a stock check before ordering. Out of town product lead time usually varies from 1-2 weeks, but some colors may take longer to aquire.
Showroom code: 03CWL
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1-1/2" Hexagon Arctic Gloss 0190, 1-1/2" Hexagon Biscuit Gloss K175, 1-1/2" Hexagon Desert Gray Gloss X114, 1-1/2" Hexagon Black Gloss K111, 1-1/2" Hexagon Architectural Gray Gloss 0109, 1-1/2" Hexagon Gloss White With Black CW5, 1-1/2" Hexagon Arctic Matte 0790, 1-1/2" Hexagon Biscuit Matte K775, 1-1/2" Hexagon Desert Gray Matte X714, 1-1/2" Hexagon Black Matte K711, 1-1/2" Hexagon Architectural Gray Matte 0709, 1-1/2" Hexagon Matte White With Black CW5

1x3 Herringbone Arctic Gloss 0190, 1x3 Herringbone Biscuit Gloss K175, 1x3 Herringbone Desert Gray Gloss X114, 1x3 Herringbone Black Gloss K111, 1x3 Herringbone Architectural Gray Gloss 0109, 1x3 Herringbone Arctic Matte 0790, 1x3 Herringbone Biscuit Matte K775, 1x3 Herringbone Desert Gray Matte X714, 1x3 Herringbone Black Matte K711, 1x3 Herringbone Architectural Gray Matte 0709

1x3 Latticeweave Arctic Gloss 0190, 1x3 Latticeweave Biscuit Gloss K175, 1x3 Latticeweave Desert Gray Gloss X114, 1x3 Latticeweave Black Gloss K111, 1x3 Latticeweave Architectural Gray Gloss 0109, 1x3 Latticeweave Arctic Matte 0790, 1x3 Latticeweave Biscuit Matte K775, 1x3 Latticeweave Desert Gray Matte X714, 1x3 Latticeweave Black Matte K711, 1x3 Latticeweave Architectural Gray Matte 0709

2x2 Arctic Gloss 0190, 2x2 Biscuit Gloss K175, 2x2 Desert Gray Gloss X114, 2x2 Black Gloss K111, 2x2 Architectural Gray Gloss 0109, 2x2 Arctic Matte 0790, 2x2 Biscuit Matte K775, 2x2 Desert Gray Matte X714, 2x2 Black Matte K711, 2x2 Architectural Gray Matte 0709

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