Quartetto Porcelain Tile-Piece

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Size: 8x8 Deco

Color: Cool Circolo QU21

Cool Circolo QU21
Warm Circolo QU13
Cool Figura QU19
Warm Figura QU11
Cool Grande Fiore QU20
Warm Grande Fiore QU12
Cool Petalo QU23
Warm Petalo QU15
Cool Piazza QU24
Warm Piazza QU16
Cool Piccolo Fiore QU22
Warm Piccolo Fiore QU14
Cool Rombo QU17
Warm Rombo QU09
Cool Sole QU18
Warm Sole QU10

Total Price: $ 8.53

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Create your own work of art with Quartetto, encaustic-inspired tile in an 8 x 8 size. This porcelain tile comes in eight colors and eight decorative patterns. Each color swatch represents 4 full tiles.

This product is stocked out of town and ships from California or Texas to Daltile in Georgetown. The lead time usually varies from 1-2 weeks. Stock and lead time estimates never guaranteed. We cannot offer pick up at any of our other vendors.
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Variants: 8x8 Ambra QU02, 8x8 Basalto QU06, 8x8 Cadmio QU08, 8x8 Cobalto QU05, 8x8 Ocra QU07, 8x8 Pomice QU03, 8x8 Talco QU01, 8x8 Terra QU04, 8x8 Cool Circolo QU21, 8x8 Warm Circolo QU13, 8x8 Cool Figura QU19, 8x8 Warm Figura QU11, 8x8 Cool Grande Fiore QU20, 8x8 Warm Grande Fiore QU12, 8x8 Cool Petalo QU23, 8x8 Warm Petalo QU15, 8x8 Cool Piazza QU24, 8x8 Warm Piazza QU16, 8x8 Cool Piccolo Fiore QU22, 8x8 Warm Piccolo Fiore QU14, 8x8 Cool Rombo QU17, 8x8 Warm Rombo QU09, 8x8 Cool Sole QU18, 8x8 Warm Sole QU10

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