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Written by Alaina Stocker


Posted on January 07 2020

The late 2010’s have turned pattern tile into a massive trend, technology innovations reviving on a large scale the gorgeous shapes and designs that have existed since the very beginning of tile use. Throughout history, tile art has provided an avenue for communities to put themselves on the map, its modular quality proving useful and stylish. Pattern tiles are statement pieces, art that is cemented into the body of a house. They are a celebration and a bold extension of the homeowner, an announcement to visitors that they’ve thought about every last thing and are savvy enough to adorn their functional space with something special.

Search “pattern tile” on any of the popular design websites these days, and you’ll get an endless stream of pretty geometry, colors, and creative placement in every space imaginable. When a trend becomes so overwhelmingly popular, it's often hard to narrow in on an actual choice for your actual space. Gorgeously staged internet photos are one thing, but how do you go about choosing a pattern tile that looks good in your space and doesn't overwhelm it with detail?

Here's our collection of available pattern tiles and their pairs. You'll notice you can choose from not just the patterns but "field tile" and trim options in the same collection, made to complement patterns with a solid swath of color and texture. You have a lot of legwork to do if you're remodeling a house. We did our best to design the website with the whole picture so you don't have to dig.

For this blog post we decided to go a step further and present some pairing options, all available on seattletiledirect.com. We know there's no bigger pain than having to source the products you found online from multiple different websites. Find your products in the Seattle area, pick up in the Seattle area, and leave the logistics up to us.

Let's start with an unconventionally simple pattern:

This is Emser Tile's Rhapsody collection. As you can see it's all square tiles, but some are "patterned" with a diagonal slice, allowing you to create your own design from one simple print and pair the solid black or white field tile with it. Imagine this as a backsplash (like pictured), or a kitchen floor with a pop of color on the walls. Think Marazzi's Costa Clara Blue Wave 3x12s for an elongated modern yet handmade feel.

Marazzi Costa Clara in Blue Wave


Now let's go for some detail:

D Segni American Olean Marazzi porcelain tile in Honeycomb and Mustard

This is Marazzi's D Segni Color in Honeycomb pattern and Mustard field tile. Pair it as is with the bold pattern as a rug field, or use the pattern on the floor and the Mustard field on a wall. This would be a beautiful bathroom combination, especially if you brought in a neutral to smooth out the palette. Try Tierra Sol's Gradient in White on the wall for some subtle variation.

Tierra Sol Gradient in White Gloss


For a soft impression:

Evoke 8x8 pattern mix in neutral from Tierra Sol

This is Tierra Sol's Evoke collection in the 8x8 Neutral mix. A field of this comes across as a nicely varied subtle tone, but look close and you see the pretty patterns. It comes as a set- you don't choose one particular pattern. Try pairing this with a darker large format tile, perhaps with this on the wall or even the dark on the wall. Evoke has its own coordinating field tiles, but you could also go starkly solid with Sable or Brown from Method, American Olean.

Sable MT06 solid field tile from Method-American Olean Brown MT03 porcelain tile from Method-American Olean

With a pattern as subtle as this, a nice accent tile might pair well as a band along the wall. We could see Charisma Picket glass mosaics from Emser in Finesse or Grace.

Finesse Charisma glass mosaic from Emser Grace Charisma picket mosaic from Emser


Want to see samples of any of these products in person? Check out this blog post for showroom locations and information. A visit to any showroom in south Seattle will be well worth it, trust us. There are certain products that just have to be handled before you can feel totally comfortable purchasing. This is why we've narrowed our online selection to only vendors who have local showrooms, adding to our hyper-local, yet completely online presence. Questions? Check out the FAQsshoot us a message, or live chat as available. We're happy to help.

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