Looking for Locally Stocked Material?

Written by Alaina Stocker


Posted on September 05 2019

Let's cut to the chase: do you live in the Seattle area? Are you in need of tile that's ready to pick up now? Check out our locally stocked tile collection for products that have a high likelihood of being in town. Many have further stock information in their descriptions (click the "Stock" header beneath the cover photo) including sizes and colors normally stocked in town. Keep in mind not all options from every page will be in town, but it's always worth an ask. Find something you like then request a stock check via email or live chat.

We know how it goes: your house is being remodeled, and the contractor needs the tile NOW, not in a few days. That gap could cost you in rescheduling and labor fees. No fun. We understand sometimes it's just plain impossible to be completely prepared for every step of the process, and that shouldn't mean that you have to settle for ugly big box store tile. Nothing against them, but we know you want higher quality materials at the best price. 20% off the vendor suggested retail price, to be precise.

We see hundreds of products in thousands of sizes and colors come through the Seattle Tile showroom, and that experience combined with regularly-updated vendor stock lists is how we've narrowed in on materials that have a high likelihood of being in town. That is, ready for pick up TODAY or tomorrow (depending on time of day). Curious about a tile you've been eyeing? The final answer is simply a request away.

You've read this far, so you probably have a project in mind, or are simply fascinated to see what our fantastic vendors keep locally stocked. Check out the collection, and visit us on Facebook and Instagram for ideas, tips, and features. Happy tiling!



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